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The Minimal Duck

Why the Duck?

The term “duck” comes from a famous architectural book by Robert Venturi. The duck resembles a building that derives its form through its function. We deeply believe that function should dictate form. Our favorite quote is “Less in MORE” by Mies van der Rohe. We believe in attention to detail, materiality, and minimalism, hence the minimal duck hatched. This is our formal logic, for the products that we develop. Stay connected, sign up for our mailing list and follow us on twitter.

We focus on promoting better habits through Design and Technology. We combine minimalist ideas with constantly advancing technologies. We believe that we are all HUMAN and as Humans we should help one another. Products sold will always give a percentage of profit to a direct cause. Each product will have its own cause that a portion of profits would go towards. We want to help the world and others because we are all human, not for a religious attachment. 

We strive to design and manufacture everything in house here at our studio/shop in Richmond, California. We are as much involved in the design process as the manufacturing process and that allows us to design with manufacturing in mind. When we have to outsource, we always try to keep it as local as possible in order to minimize the carbon footprint of each product.

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About Us.

We're two brothers that have joined forces to put forth awesome, practical, and functional products. Being seven years apart, we have our differences in what we value design wise but we manage to compromise and synthesize our visions into actual functional products. read more

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